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Sunshine Weed & Shrooms Throw

Sunshine Weed & Shrooms Throw

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Mushrooms & Weed Fleece Blanket

Vivid magic mushroom decor and 420 room decor! Luxuriously soft, cozy, warm, plush marijuana blanket featuring a vibrant sunlit field of weed and shrooms. Dope cannabis leaf blanket mushroom decor! Define your space with shroomer decor blended with marijuana leaf decor. Grab a cannabis gift blanket and weed bedroom merch for friends.

Dank marijuana plush blanket and shroomer bedroom decor! Discover modern marijuana decorating ideas, explore trendy shroom home decor, and browse stellar weed decorations. Stop in and shop weed blankets and shroom room decor for party supplies, adult gifts, and home decorations. Snag a marijuana blanket for cannabis bedroom decor today.

Dimensions: 50 X 60 inches

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