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Silver Spoon Hair Clip

Silver Spoon Hair Clip

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Party Lifestyle Kandi Pinch Clip

Stellar EDM gear, festival merch, and rave wear! Unisex alligator clip featuring a mini spoon pendant with heart-shaped handle and dangling kandi bar with party lifestyle phrases. Accessories and bling to use as a bag clip, hat clip, tie clip, hair clip, and all sorts of fashion accessories! Choose from…

  • HEADBANGER - bass n dubstep festival merch for metalheads!
  • ECSTASY (BLUE) - epic EDM gear for festival outfits!
  • F***YOU - cute clip-on FU fashion accessories!
  • BLAZED - rave accessories for bucket hats!
  • ECSTASY (MULTI) - hair accessories for PLUR rainbow ravers!
  • ALCSIDD - psychedelic rave gifts with double message!
  • SHROOMY - magical rave gear to match a trippy rave outfit!
  • F***OFF - attitude accessories for womens and mens rave outfits!

Pinch Clip Material: Plated Alloy

Hair Clip Dimensions: 2.5 inches long x 0.25 inches wide

Phrase length varies by product.

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