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Rasta Marijuana Fleece Blanket

Rasta Marijuana Fleece Blanket

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High Life Marijuana Plush Blanket

Medium-weight large marijuana blankets for the dankest cannabis bedroom décor! A 420 gift cannabis gift blanket featuring a marijuana crop, loads of Rasta leaves, and vibrant party lifestyle symbolism. Must-see cannabis blanket to inspire unique marijuana decorating ideas!

Gigantic marijuana leaf blanket lit life home decorations! 420 weed blanket for marijuana bedroom décor, fleece blanket as 420 stoner merch, or weed bedroom merch. Snag a marijuana gift blanket to use at concerts or as a multi-friend beach blanket.

Marijuana blanket fits Queen size beds. Made in USA.

Material: 100% Polyester

Dimensions 94 x 79 inches


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