Flip Sequin Weed Pasties

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Green to Black Dope AF 420 Art Nipple Covers

Glam up festival outfits, rave outfits, and clubwear! Inspirational high life clothing to create a phenomenal weed rave outfit. Stunning rave wear and sensory exotic dancewear begging to be touched and rubbed!

Dank body stickers for mens rave outfits! Set of 2 weed leaf pasties made in USA by hand with latex-free, hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive that will last for 10-12 hours while you sweat, dance, and groove at the dopest EDM events, night clubs, festivals, and raves.

Coverage Size: 2-inch diameter

Weed Pasties Dimensions: 3.25 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide

Brand: Neva Nude