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Lizards Den

Fairy Mushroom Tapestry

Fairy Mushroom Tapestry

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Trippy Mushrooms Black Light Reactive Art

Conversational shroom decor! This sexy red-haired fairy is wearing a thong, blowing bubbles, and sitting atop a pair of animated magic mushrooms. Unique Amanita Muscaria, fly agaric psychedelic mushroom art. Counter culture lifestyle party decorations from a home décor boutique filled with modern tapestries and blacklight reactive room decor. Steezy blacklight party adult gifts and glow party supplies blacklight art for adult parties.

Shop psychedelic mushroom art and blacklight reactive room decor adult gifts from a mind-altering home décor boutique. Find black light reactive art for adult parties. Discover counter culture party decorations full of trippy mushrooms. Explore modern tapestries shroom decor as glow party supplies for your next blacklight party.

Phenomenal festival artwork to pop a squat and rest a bit!

Copyrighted Shroom Art

Fabric: 100% Light Responsive Acetate

Dimensions: 45 inch x 45 inch

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