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Blacklight Glitter Weed Pasties

Blacklight Glitter Weed Pasties

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Party Lifestyle Weed Nipple Covers

Dope AF 420 art lemon lime sparkle blacklight pasties for adult parties, clubwear, raves, music festival, and beyond! Waterproof body stickers for mens rave outfits, blacklight reactive weed breast concealers for a festival outfit, and marijuana clothing for rave wear, festival wear, and party wear.

High life clothing to pair with your fav weed leaf bucket hat or a weed rave outfit. Set of two sparkly blacklight pasties made in USA with hypoallergenic, latex-free medical grade adhesive that sticks for 10-12 hours while you dance, party, or rave! Shop the dankest rave gifts, adult gifts, and black light gifts here.

Weed Pasties Dimensions: 3.5 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide

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